Is this BH?

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Is this BH?

So, for the last couple of weeks... maybe once a day IF THAT.. my stomach feels.. full? I there's just a ton of air/water/food/something in there. Feels like it's really pushing my belly out. Yes, my belly is hard during these times, but my belly is ALWAYS hard, so I'm not sure there's any difference. I thought at first it was Julie, just...really pushing. But it seems to be EVERYWHERE at once, not like she's kicking me or anything.

Also, about 5 days ago, I started wanting ice. I want it alot. Doesn't that mean my iron is low? What does that mean for the baby, if it's not something corrected immediately?

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I am curious about the same thing. I get a bulging in my tum around my belly button and it does feel like Henry is just pushing his bum out. But my childbirth videos said this may be BH contrax.

Not sure about the ice though.

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I am constantly wondering if I'm having them too. I don't remember feeling anything with DS, but am feeling lots of waves of pressure this time.

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I've been having them for a couple weeks now.. BH - for me - are none too comfy. Supposedly they aren't supposed to hurt but I have always back labored (like period cramping but in your lower back) so.. Usually it's an all over tightening of the front.. from stomach to public bone, complete side to side. Smile Shouldn't last more than 30-60 seconds..

Gearing up for labor, ladies!! Biggrin

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I asked a few weeks ago because I never had them with my daughter and he said it was BH. Interesting is that it happened when I was on all the NST's and none show up as contractions but he said they are just BH. Mine don't really hurt (it is more hurtful when she starts her turning and digging and everything else in there lol)

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I haven't really had the sensation of pushing out, except when I'm pretty sure that he really *is* pushing some part of his body way out, because I feel it in one specific area. I do agree with you that it's hard to tell when your uterus is hard though, because my belly always feels hard too. I was lying with my hands on it last night, trying to tell if it felt hardER, but it seems like a matter of degrees to me. LOL

I have read that craving ice is a symptom of an iron deficiency (thank goodness you are craving ice and not laundry detergent or dirt, which I have also heard of) so I think you should call your MW and just see if she wants to check you for an iron deficiency, or if she's just fine with you crunching a bunch of ice all day. LOL Careful though, I've actually heard that you can mess up your teeth crunching on ice all of the time, although I bet it takes longer than you are probably going to be pregnant to do much damage.

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Apparently I had one when the midwife was checking me today. She said something about all four quadrants of my belly are hard. I don't ever feel anything though.

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I've been running around here at work, getting worked up and warm.. now I want ice. :oops:

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I've been getting BH for quiet a while now sometimes just one a day, sometimes nothing, and then some days a few a day. But here in the last day or two, i'm starting to feel crampy with them, but there is no pattern, although i've gotten a bunch today. Something to discuss with the dr on Thursday I guess.
I also have heard that craving ice could be an iron deficiency. I'd mention it to the dr next time you are in.