Black Friday shopping for baby?

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Black Friday shopping for baby?

Did anyone else pick up deals for baby today?

We hit the local mom & baby store for cloth dipes and a new swaddling blanket. Those are hardly ever on sale and we got the cutest prints in them that they didn't have when DS was a baby.

We also got some BOGO Tommee Tippee pacifiers at Toys R Us while we were busy spending WAY too much on my three year old and thirty-one year old kids! (The 31 year old is DH.) Wink

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There's no way I could skip a full night's sleep this year. I am just way too tired all the time, so I skipped the early shopping this year. We went out yesterday, but it was late and we had the kid, so just a few stops and no way on the Toys R Us stop with a 4 year old!

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yeah me neither, but I never go. We are online shoppers mostly. I'm not a fan of the mall AT ALL during this time. I have to go today to return something and I'm dreading every second of it.

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I'm an online shopper too. I try to avoid stores during this season. I browsed amazon's deals yesterday, but didn't buy anything. I almost bought a mei tai carrier. I'm still nervous to buy stuff though. I will probably shop the cyber monday deals.