Blood test results are in....

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Blood test results are in....

So the DR's office called yesterday and said the results were in for the blood test to check for downs, trisomy 18/13 and a bunch others that I forget...and they are all within normal range!!!! The weight off my shoulders was immense. I was stressing over these results and the what if's? Of course I know things can still happen, but I really feel like I can relax now.

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Yay! That is awesome! So glad to hear that you are able to relax more knowing that the odds are overwhelmingly on your side!

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Yay! I elected not to have that run, because I know that it'd be weighing on me immensely. However, I'm super glad they all came back normal!!

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That's incredible news!

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I'm so happy to hear this!! Awesome!!

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That's terrific news!

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Thats wonderful news! Smile One less thing you will have to worry about!!

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Great news!