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    Default Bought some clothes...

    I really really didn't want to but my regular clothes were just too annoying and most pants don't even button anymore. The ones that do, it just felt so uncomfortable to have them on so I just said what the heck. I didn't buy a lot. I bought 3 work pants, and a few shirts. The bella band started to get annoying... since I stand and walk around all day it just kept rolling up on me. So I will wear it on days that I put my regular pants on. I'm still keeping my capris out because we still have some hot days and trouser pants are too warm on those days.

    Work really got to me this week, I ended up being soooo exhausted by like 4pm, that I was going to sleep by 8. I guess that is the perk of having an older child, I can just tell her it's bedtime and she goes to bed. I slept from 8:30 last night till 8am, and I'm still somewhat tired, but I'll take it! I'm not complaining! At least it's something!

    I think my parents have noticed, I get a lot of strange looks towards my belly. I'm sure they are not happy their childs teacher is pregnant but what can you do... Most teachers know already...I've got rumors going around. LOL!

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    Sorry the exhaustion is getting to you! I'm waiting for that to pass too.

    I also went clothes shopping this week. My work pants didn't fit anymore and the bella band drives me nuts. I just bought 2 pants a size bigger than I normally wear and 3 loose fitting blouses. I also bought new flats for work, I wear pumps usually, but I'm afraid of falling now.

    I tried on some maternity clothes and I'm nowhere near filling those out yet. So I figure I can wear this new stuff now until I fit into maternity clothes and also when I return to work after maternity leave. Trying to rationalize how much money I spent...I'm feeling guilty.
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    I still won't buy clothes because I have an irrational mind that thinks I'll jinx myself. I can still button my pants, but forget sitting down or bending over. OUCH! So, I just wear them unbuttoned all the time. I'm supposed to have my shirt tucked in at all times and it's NEVER tucked in. I work in the back, so no one sees me so it's not a big deal, but if I didn't have a long shirt, I think I'd be in bigger pants by now. When I get home, they come off and the bra comes off..and I'm in elastic waist pajamas. Like, immediately. LOL. I KNOW DH thinks I'm sexy lookin like this!
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    I am in desperate need of more clothes anyway, I only have ONE pair of pants that fit me (I wear a lot of skirts), I was already wearing my jeans unbuttoned because they were a little anyway. I have decided that I am going to pick up a pair of maternity pants I guess, if they will stay up. I have tried the bella band and I don't care for it to much. It's fine if you don't ever sit down and get back up, or bend over...then it creeps up really bad. I don't think buying a size larger pants will last me that long if the bella band is not going to work. We shall see.

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    So far I have been able to make do with the belly band. It doesn't bother me too much. I'm thinking this weekend I might pull my old maternity clothes out of storage and start trying them on to see if they fit okay or are still way too big. I promised myself I would try to wait until the second trimester to pull out the maternity clothes, and I am finally almost there!
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