Bought Something for Baby!

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Bought Something for Baby!

I haven't really bought anything for baby #2 yet since we have everything from Isabelle, but I saw some cute spring dresses at Walmart the other day and couldn't resist getting matching dresses for them-Isabelle is trying on her dress and holding little sister's dress - I told her it was for little sister and she went and got her dolly to put it on, lol!. Planning to have them wear the dresses to get some cute pics when DD2 arrives. I would love to get a bunch of matching outfits, but I will have to restrain myself from doing too much as we have tons of baby clothes that DD2 can use already and even for Isabelle we have lots of clothes up through 4T as my family keeps giving me stuff for her.

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Adorable! Isabelle looks like she will be a great big sister!

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That's so cute! I hope I can match my kids up some. You can't really do much with a boy and a girl.

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So cute!

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Super cute!!!

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Awe!! Soooo cute!!!

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so cute and adorable Smile