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bought something else!

Got new bottles!!! We still have our Dr. Browns from DS, but I've been eyeing the Tommy Tippee bottles for a while and we found them buy one get one 50% off! Hubby was hesistant to spend more money on bottles, but when he walked over to me in the store, I was having a conversation with a woman who was raving about them and she just happened to be a primary care doctor who used to be a breastfeeding nurse before getting her medical license. He couldn't argue then!! Amazing how buying 6 bottles can get you so excited.

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Awesome, I want those bottles too. But I was advised to get an assortment of bottles in case the baby hates them. I have read mostly good things about the Tommee Tippee ones though.

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I haven't made any purchases yet, but I'm super excited about buying..... (drumroll please!) pacifiers!

I dunno why. I'm going to wait until after I have a baby shower before I buy anything.

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Yay for more purchases.
I've been looking at bottles and feel real overwhelmed. We used the Playtex Drop Ins with DS and had no problems with them and actually really liked the convenience of them. Especially for night time feedings. Already having the water in them at room temp and only having to add the formula shake and go. But...this time, money is a whole lot tighter(with me losing my job and DH being out of work as well and a full time student) and i'm just not sure I want the added extra expense of the drop ins each week to two weeks. But, then I get back to the convenience and ease of cleaning and sterilizing them and i'm just not sure. Sigh...

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Jessica - I recommend Soothie pacis. Every baby I know that takes a paci loves Soothie the best. Those green Soothie are so ubiquitous for good reason. I think they sell them in pink too. Smile

I will have to check out those Tommee Tippee bottles. I feel like I got super lucky with T because I have NO idea what brand we even used with him and he was always fine with it as far as I know. Now that I know that babies may "reject" certain bottles, I feel like I need to pay more attention to it. LOL

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I tried every brand of bottle with my LO and he just refused! If it wasnt a boob, he didnt want it. Im kinda leary to buy any bottles this time around. I dont want to waste the money and have this babe refuse them also.. However, I have heard lots of good about the Tommee Tippees.

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I'm waiting till my baby shower before buying anything too... and its killing me! LOL I want to buy stuff so bad! We have bought a little onsie set and a cute onsie that says "Bugs" on it in cute colors but thats it. For Christmas my sister gave us some cute onsies too. Cannot wait to start getting more things though. I have no idea what these Tommee Tippee bottles are but now I'm going to do some research. They're good I guess?

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We used the Avent bottles mainly because I had an avent breast pump. They worked well for us. I liked how I could convert them to sippy cups as he got older.

I never heard of the tommee ones. I will have to check them out.

Congrats on another purchase!

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I had the Playtex drop-ins and Avent bottles with my first. Then they recalled the Avent so I just used drop-ins. Just didn't like that I had to keep buying the liners but we didn't have a dishwasher so it made it way easier.
Then I was given a Born Free bottle with my second and always liked that. No extra parts, baby liked it. But I could probably count on two hands how many times my daughter actually used it! And I picked up an 8oz BF bottle for free from someone and she never used that one once!

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I am a bottle feeder and we loved the Avent ones. I just took them down to sterilize them but this baby could do without them and we will need to buy new ones lol

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I think the bottles we used were Evenflo-I breastfed so DD didn't get a lot of bottles at all till I went back to work and started pumping. I think I will need to buy a few more for DD#2 but will wait til she gets here in case she is more picky about bottles and doesn't like the kind we have.

Jessica, you may want to wait to buy a ton of paci's until you find out if your baby will take them-most will, but my DD would NOT take a paci-she only wanted the boob. I don't know if it is because I religiously followed the advice I read for breastfeeding that said to wait 4 weeks until introducing a paci or if she would have rejected it from day 1, but whatever the reason I could not get her to use it-she would just spit it out and get mad. It was so frustrating at the time when she wanted to use me as her paci for hours on end, but the positive side was that I never had to wean her off of it when she was older.

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DS wouldn't take a paci either! Like Rebecca said, we were glad we didn't have to worry about weaning him off of them later, but at the time, I would have given anything for him to have something to soothe himself with. I pumped and bottle fed with him and he would over eat if we let him because he liked the bottle so much.

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I think the Nuk ones and the Soothie ones are probably the best in the beginning. I used the Soothie with M until 6 months and switched because I just don't like the look of them as much. I started with Nuk in the beginning w/ N because she couldn't keep the Soothies in her mouth. I'll probably do the same thing this time.