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    I think the bottles we used were Evenflo-I breastfed so DD didn't get a lot of bottles at all till I went back to work and started pumping. I think I will need to buy a few more for DD#2 but will wait til she gets here in case she is more picky about bottles and doesn't like the kind we have.

    Jessica, you may want to wait to buy a ton of paci's until you find out if your baby will take them-most will, but my DD would NOT take a paci-she only wanted the boob. I don't know if it is because I religiously followed the advice I read for breastfeeding that said to wait 4 weeks until introducing a paci or if she would have rejected it from day 1, but whatever the reason I could not get her to use it-she would just spit it out and get mad. It was so frustrating at the time when she wanted to use me as her paci for hours on end, but the positive side was that I never had to wean her off of it when she was older.
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    DS wouldn't take a paci either! Like Rebecca said, we were glad we didn't have to worry about weaning him off of them later, but at the time, I would have given anything for him to have something to soothe himself with. I pumped and bottle fed with him and he would over eat if we let him because he liked the bottle so much.

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    I think the Nuk ones and the Soothie ones are probably the best in the beginning. I used the Soothie with M until 6 months and switched because I just don't like the look of them as much. I started with Nuk in the beginning w/ N because she couldn't keep the Soothies in her mouth. I'll probably do the same thing this time.
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