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buying more stuff

We're on a tight budget, so I'm trying to be savvy, but I keep thinking of little things I need. I went on Amazon and got a cooling eye mask for the hospital (don't ask why, I just really feel like I want to have one) and some essentials oils for relaxing me during labor. Then, on, I got a used Moby wrap and some gently used size small diaper covers. Hubby's not going to be happy that I spent money on ANOTHER carrier, but I need something for the infant stage and then I can resell it ... at least that's my justification, lol!

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Oooh, good idea about getting a used Moby! Hmmm, maybe I should do that pay check...

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Use that reasoning that you can always resell it. Have a garage sale maybe?
We saved everything we had(mainly clothes and such) from our DS because I was dead set we would end up with another boy, but nope. So a very close family friend lives in a neighborhood that does neighborhood garage sales and has said we can use her driveway and thats what we will be doing in May...which may suck only being a few weeks out at most after having this baby,'s a chance to make a little bit of money.

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Eh we are pregnant, we all have license to do a little shopping. I think my boss knows where my raise is going, I get a package from amazon almost every other day!