Can you sit correctly?..and a s/n

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Can you sit correctly?..and a s/n

So.. when I sit on the couch (which is a lot lately) I have my legs in Indian style or I lean on the arm and pull my legs up like near my butt. Lately, I can still pull my legs up, but sitting Indian style is getting uncomfortable. I KNOW there's a baby there, but it feels like when I sit Indian style there's a ball in my insides and I have to squirm around to make myself comfortable. My stomach isn't the issue, even though that's what getting big.

Are you ladies still sitting okay?

On a SN ~ I sent DH a text whining because I was throwing up and had a horrible day at work. He called me around 6 and we talked for nearly an hour! AH it was so nice! Didn't make me stop throwing up, but definitely lifted my mood a little.

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Yes, sitting doesn't really bother me, but it *is* getting uncomfortable to lay on my back, so that is different.

Yay for a long talk with DH to make you feel better!

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That's nice that he took the time to talk to you! I find that sitting straight up is uncomfortable and I need something behind my back to put me at a bit of an angle. I've been very uncomfortable this whole time though ... like I felt at the end of my last pregnancy.

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I feel like I can still sit ok, but I can't sit in one position too long.
Yay for a long talk with DH, those sometimes can be the best!

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I can pretty much sit correctly but I had days where I can't. It all depends....

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I can sit in some of the same positions but some not so much. Also I know I've mentioned this before but sleeping is uncomfortable. Oh and the other day I had to roll myself out of the bed... it was pretty hot. LOL