Can you still see your toes?

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Can you still see your toes?

I was reading something about being 24 weeks pregnant today, and it mentioned that you may not be able to see your toes anymore. So I stood up and tried it, and nope! Now, if I lean my head forward and lean my body backwards I can still see them, so they're not totally gone. But just standing up straight and looking straight down, they have gone missing. Lol How about you ladies?

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Yes but I can't really shave that well anymore and I couldn't take the nail polish off my toes. Dh had to do for me so now my nails are bare, uneven and really ugly. LOL!

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What are t-o-e-s? LOL

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I can still see mine. But I agree that shaving has become a big PITA and don't even talk to me about nail polish on my toes. LOL DH has said that anytime I want he will shave and do my nail polish for me. I'll be taking him up on the nail polish but for now I will struggle through and shave on my own. HAHA

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if i lean all the way forward i can.. Otherwise standing straight up i cannot. Smile

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Mine are long gone, lol!! Also, I was trying to look at my c-section scar yesterday and there was absolutely nothign I could do to be able to see that thing. lol!

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I can still see mine, but shaving and tying my shoes is more difficult now.