Can't believe it is almost time!!!

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Can't believe it is almost time!!!

I seriously doubted making it this far.. Between everyone's comments how big I am and how crappy I have felt I was sure I wouldn't make it. Yesterday I thought something may have been happening and even may have leaked a bit but guess not. Today I work til 11 then my docs for weekly u/s at 1130 and then pre op at 1 at the hospital! Busy busy

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So very exciting!!! Pre-op definitely makes it real!

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Yay, do you feel ready for baby to be here?

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Yay for making it this far!!!!!! Smile

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So ready!!!! All appts are done now relaxing until the morning... Or frantically making sure everything is set lol

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Yay, congrats on making it! Have a great night, and good luck tomorrow! Update us when you can!!

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Eagerly awaiting an update in the morning.. almost birth day! :woohoo:

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Good luck tomorrow!!!

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I hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow. I can't wait to see pictures of your little one!

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Yay!!! It's baby time! So excited for you. I will be thinking of you tomorrow morning! Can't wait to read an update.

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I hope everything went well. I just got on and saw all the post. Bet you are happy and excited!!! Smile