Can't ever sleep

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Can't ever sleep

So, for the last...week or so, I can't sleep at all. I'm tired and I go to bed and everything jumps into my mind about what I have to do the next day (which is usually pretty trivial stuff, like dishes and laundry) and then I start thinking about going back to work and how the girl is going to be that's keeping Julie and etc. Every night. Both of my dogs are sick...and have long toenails and I have hardwood floors so they've been pacing back and forth. If I keep them in the bedroom, I wake up to left over surprises and if I keep them outside, the incessant walking back and forth to the bedroom door wakes the baby up. Then, once everything gets quiet, it's like I'm on super alert waiting for Julie to wake up. She's right across the hall from me, I always hear her, but it's almost like I'm waiting - tense - for her to wake up. So even though she's asleep, I'm not and it's driving me crazy! I get sleep from like 4-7 in the morning and I think that's just because my brain finally shuts off.

I don't understand why all the sudden I'm waiting so alert for her to cry.

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I do that same thing! I am constantly waiting on her to wake up or I think I hear her. This is part of the reason I end up sleeping with her half the time. It's more so I can sleep vs. her sleep. As for the dogs, I feel ya! My dog's nails are long too and the clickedy clack all day drives me crazy! She's pretty still at night, but it drives me crazy when I'm trying to nap her in the living room during the day. Do you have someone coming to the house to watch Julie when you go back to work? or is she going to a daycare place?

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I do this too. And like Joan, when I finally get too tired, I just put him on my chest and go to sleep. Henry fusses in his sleep. Drives me nuts, I never know if he is about to start crying or about to fall into a deeper sleep.

My dog is driving me crazy right now...she also needs her nails trimmed. Also in the middle of the night she wakes up and shakes her whole body with her collar and that usually wakes the baby. I keep forgetting to take her collar off at night.

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Do you happen to have caffiene before bed? I know the other night I ate some coffee ice cream and was tossing and turning with weird dreams all night.
You could try to write down the things you need to do before you go to bed so you're not trying to remember them all while you lay there.