Cd 1... Ouch!! Possible m/c mentioned

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Cd 1... Ouch!! Possible m/c mentioned

So af has found me!
She is painful and so heavy!!
I haven't had a painful or heavy af like this for months!!
After getting a decent + last Sunday and a few faints I can't help but wonder if this is another chemical.
I have tried to read up on the cyclogest I have been taking but all I can see us heavy periods is a sign of high estrigen and low progesterone. It can't be low as I have been using 400mg a day since o. Stopping when I was vonvinced the tests had been false and had gone back to negative.
Anyone know if progesterone can cause heavy bleeding?

I have also had my appointment at the rmu rescheduled for this coming Wednesday so I am guessing I will be put on to claxan ( blood thinning shots)

Anyhow... If anyone knows please let me know. Hate to think I may have had miscarriage 8!!


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So sorry Liz, I would assume that it may be since you had the positive tests. My last cycle with the m/c was very heavy as well. However, this cycle is still pretty heavy too so I don't know. :confused: It's always hard for me to tell since I generally have very heavy AF's and there is really nothing that can be done about mom had very heavy cycles too. The only difference from last cycle was how it started, it was brown with lots of strange discharge (sorry TMI) and other things it just wasn't "normal, " if you KWIM? That lasted about a day and a half, then the real bleeding started after that and it was a long AF, longer than I've ever had.

So sorry Liz, we really just need a break from this mess This is so incredible frustrating! Well at least we are cycle buddies first time ever! Smile

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I am so sorry Liz that you are going through this:( Unfortunately I don't the answers. I hope it is just a normal heavy period.