Cervical mucus.

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Cervical mucus.

What does it look like just before you are supposed to start your period?

I checked my CM today and it was like snot. It was rubbery, stretched a little but snapped back to place..yet it's still slimy.

LOL ok maybe tmi. It almost seem like mucus plug consistency

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Unfortunately the answer for this is...it varies. Sorry, I know that isn't helpful. I am usually pretty dry myself after O and until the witch arrives. Some women have noted increased cm before + HPT but everything I've read says it's not a reliable indicator as to pregnant or not.

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Yeah my CM is so random. It sounds like you have fertile cm though. Maybe its hormonal in a good way and it means a bfp is just around the corner.

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I'm usually really dry right before AF shows up.

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Mine is random. I've been dry before AF & I've had stuff that looked a whole lot like EWCM.

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I agree I think everyone varies. I get some yellow gross looking CM right before my period. I had actually gotten a smidge of it before my BFP's and thought it was over, so who knows!!!!! Hope it's a good sign!