Changing the routine

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Changing the routine

So Henry is so calm these days, I don't know what to do with myself. He used to cry when he was hungry, cry for wet diapers and when he was tired. Now he only cries/fusses when he is tired. So this morning I nearly forgot to feed him, bad momma. He used to eat every 2 hours on the dot. And he has been in wet diapers for longer, but I'm actually happy about that. He used to cry the moment he peed.

Anyways, my question is do you think he isn't hungry as often and should wait until he does hunger cues? What are hunger cues at this age? Or should I just try to offer the breast every 2 hours and see if he eats? Sometimes he doesn't eat, but he is also so distracted these days.

Also he doesn't seem as tired as often, so I'm trying to increase his awake time. What are you guys doing for naps nowadays? How many, how often and how long?

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I would totally try to stretch his schedule. I've used the EASY system since my first. It can stretch 3 or 4 hours. We vary depending on the day.
Y-you time

So from the first time A eats to the next time is 4 hours. It is from a book, the baby whisperer maybe.

A is taking 3 naps with the last being shorter.

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I would stretch it too if he's not protesting. Reid now eats about every 3-4 hours. We are on a pretty good routine now so I don't get a ton of hunger cues either, probably because I feed him before he gets too hungry. He will sometimes "root" though, so when he does that I definitely know its time. We do around 2 hours awake time before I start putting him down for his next nap, then he sleeps for usually around 1.5 hours during the day, and then sometimes a short cat nap in the evening. So like today, our day should go something like this;
8 am - get up, nurse, hang out
10 am - nap
11:30- wake up, nurse, hang out
1:30 - nap
3- wake up, nurse, hang out
5-6-doze in my arms on the couch
7 - start bedtime routine
Hopefully in his crib asleep by 7:30

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We are doing the EASY routine. But his schedule was every 2 hours. I would love to keep going with the EASY routine, but I'm having trouble with him snacking, because when he eats its not that much, like for under 3 minutes. And it scares me to let him go long between feedings since I'm not sure if he is just reverse cycling or what. He doesn't "ask" for food during the daytime. But he is still waking every 2 hours at night. But he doesn't always nurse. He cries, I pop a boob in and he doesn't suck...just passes out. But won't pass out if I just offer a paci.

Tricky business growing up.

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Dang Alissa, Reid sounds like a good sleeper. Henry usually is fully awake no later than 5:45am and goes to sleep no earlier than 8pm. And of course is waking thru the night. He does take a bunch of naps but they are all super short. So another reason, I am wanting to stretch it out. The past 2 days we have been busy and he did miss his morning naps and he seemed ok though. He does rub his eyes a lot but doesn't fuss. Not sure if its ok to keep him up if he is rubbing his eyes or not.

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Do you swaddle? Our schedule is pretty much like the poster above...

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I don't breast but I would stretch. He will give you cues when he is hungry and with longer stretches his hunger will build up and he will eat more rather than snacking.

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I would definitely stretch it. If you want a routine, I'd try for 3 hours. We don't do a routine here, and I just wait until she's hungry. He'll find a way to tell you he's hungry!

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I'd stretch it. J is eating more like every 2.5-3 hours now. We do EASY as well and he just started being awake/happy longer and taking longer naps. He does probably 3-4 naps a day depending.