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Thread: Checking in with everyone!!!

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    Aimee, it's HOT here, I just took the dogs out and I was like...whoa. Dang VA weather can't make up it's's 80 something ALL week this week, then the weekend? Yeah, back in the low 60's... I'm glad you feel better today!

    Last night I busted into tears over something REAL dumb. See, DH has been driving my car (a Mustang) and I'm driving his (a pickup truck) because the truck eats gas and my car is somewhat better. He has an hour drive to work, I have a 5 minute drive to work. So anyway, he tells me to take the car today to my doc appt because the left back tire needs to be balanced and it shakes too much when he's going 75mph. (No, the speed limit isn't 75, or 70 or even 65!!). WELL, we JUST added him onto my bank account. So his paycheck is sitting in my account, we only have one debit card because I am NOT giving him one - I know him and he'll forget to tell me he spent such and such. I was going to give him my card because I knew the 'stang needed gas and then he up and tells me to take the car. The truck doesn't need gas, but I knew he needed some cash for cigs, food, whatnot and I just started to cry. He was like..what's wrong?? I said I couldn't stay at work today because I hurt so bad, I knew you needed money but I figured I'd just give you my card and everything would be fine and now you want me to take the car.. which means I'll need the card to get gas...and you won't have any cash to eat. I was BOO-HOOing. He ended up taking the car and my But I mean, it was something so trivial and stupid and I LOST it. Later that night, I apologized for crying. He said he understands and he knows my emotions are all over the place.
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    The only signs I'm having are more BH contrax, feeling him super low and like pouncing on my cervix, somewhat increased discharge, having to go #2 a lot more, and increased sex drive. Is increased sex drive normal for this late in the game? I haven't really been wanting it the whole pregnancy and now I'm making up for lost time
    Same here - more BH that are now a little painful, baby feels lower, increased discharge. My sex drive has not increased though; not sure if that's "normal" or not Elizabeth. My midwife said to not have sex until I'm 39 weeks just to make sure baby bakes longer and isn't too early.

    Aimee, so glad Rylee is such an easy baby! And wow about the head thing. I visited my friend last night who just had a baby and the kids were all running around and hyper... yeah that's going to be interesting here. At least I can put baby in the bedroom to sleep so he/she is out of the way.
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    Jessica the emotional up and downs are so hard to handle. I am glad I am back to normal but DD is so all over this week. I think it is her not feeling good and what not but I just can't deal with her happy one min and hysterical the next!
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