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Are any of you seeing a chiropractor? I haven't seen one during my pregnancy, but I'm going to one this week and hopefully she can help with this SPD pain. Also my birth classes say that its helpful to have the baby positioned correctly in utero, because it can aid in having a faster and less painful birth experience and may lower your chances of colic and breastfeeding issues. Anyways I thought I'd try it.

If you do see one, how often do you go? Weekly? Or just when you have pain? I like the idea of chiropractic care, but I'm a big weanie when it comes to my bones being popped. I've only gone a couple times before I got pregnant and the whole neck popping thing just freaks me out.

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I haven't gone, but please let me know how it goes! I'm a wuss too, I'd be scared everything would hurt - even though they say it does great things.

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I have gone since my last pregnancy with DS2 because I had terrible hip pain. It really helped and I am currently going once a month just to stay well adjusted and so far I have had no major issues this time except I've been having some lower back pain and I agree it helps in delivery. It really seems scary at first but doesn't hurt at all and really can become a good habit. I love going because I always feel less tense after. I think once a month is enough or whenever pain is present.
Good luck and I hope it helps you!

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I have been before I got pregnant and it did help with some neck/shoulder pain I was having. But it still always freaked me out hearing those pop noises, yuck. I guess I will just ask her how often she thinks I should be adjusted.

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I went earlier on and it was 6 times in two weeks to get me on track. He then felt I would need to go once a month and I haven't been in almost two but last few days I am dying and hoping to go tomorrow. Standing at the wake yesterday was a killer and I can feel right where he will fix me. Also the popping and cracking was different for me from regular chiro appts. With the SPF it is my hips that are locked especially in the back butt area and the round ligaments in the groin. Never even went near my neck

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I've heard it can do great things for pregnancy and helping to prepare for labor. On that note, i've never been to one while pregnant. I used to go to one all the time..i'm talking 3 times a week for months on end along with physical therapy. I have herniated disc's in my back so that was the reason. After a few times going for me, I always walked out of there feeling so much better. Good luck! Smile

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I went for the last few weeks of my last pregnancy because DD was turned sunny side up. I think I went twice the first time and then once a week after that. I didn't go back after I had her, but I did take her once because she had a bad latch and it can help loosen their mouths if you take them.
I say if you are having major issues, definitely go. My friend goes regularly because she has scoliosis and it's just a lot more painful for her. For me personally I don't think I need it as much; when I did go those few times she really didn't do much and I had never been before so I don't think I'm the best candidate. My hubby on the other hand.... he is messed up and really should go but has never went before.