Cleaned the kitchen...sort of...

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Cleaned the kitchen...sort of...

So, my DH brought his momma's dog over here. I already have two dogs...and for the most part they're all getting along. But DH's dog has started to pee. Everywhere. (I have a male in the house too). I keep telling DH and my brother, to NOT get the pee up with towels because it's really hard to get that smell out... do they listen? Of course not.

SO, this morning, I woke up and felt fine..aside from my boobs being sore, but that's always. I'm off today and I've been neglecting my kitchen. DH cleaned it two days ago and I think that was his yearly clean, so it's not horrible, needs cleaning. So..the left overs from dinner were on the stove, kinda made me queasy looking at 'em, so I put everything in a trash bag, loaded up the dishwasher, wiped the counters down.. there's still some things to wash, but I decided I'd start a load of clothes. Well, the washer and dryer are down in a mudroom off of the kitchen, I don't go down there UNLESS I'm doing laundry because I've seen big spiders in there. Anyway, I picked up something and that pee smell hit me and I ended up doing a mad dish to the sink - where the old dishes were that don't smell good either and finally I ran into the bathroom, where I gagged. Didn't throw up, but...close.


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Yay for that Smile

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Respect for doing a good clean!!
Double respect for dealing with 3 dogs!!!
We couldn't handle 1!!!

And yay to morning sickness... But boo to what set you off