Clothing rant...

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Clothing rant...

So I've been to Target and Walmart and Motherhood...and I just can't see paying 60 bucks for a pair of black maternity pants. I ...just...cant. It's really bugging me, I've looked up Old Navy and Ebay and and nothing has my size in a pair of black pants. I have to wear black pants to work and the ones I have are always half way zipped up and are getting veryyy uncomfortable. I'm not sure how much longer I can wear those. I can't wear yoga pants or sweats, it has to be "pant" pants...(I actually am wearing jeans but we're not supposed to wear those either). UGH... I know I'm fat AND pregnant but DANG

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I'm sorry you are struggling to find what you need. Do you have any consignment shops around you that you could check out? In my area, a lot of the consignment stores that carry baby/children's clothes also carry maternity, and you can usually get some good deals.

ETA: Oh yeah, I meant to also say, in the meantime, could you get a belly band to wear with your existing pants? I like my maternity pants better, but I didn't mind my belly band, and that would allow you to be more secure walking around with unzipped pants.

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What about Kohls or a bigger department store like Macy's or JC penney? I went to Macy's a couple of weeks ago and they had a lot of black pants that were in the $35 range. Well hope you find something soon. I'm also keeping my eye on craigslist adds for maternity wear.

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That is frustrating. I agree with you, this is baby #4 and I won't spend that much either considering this will be my last pgcy (hmm although i said that last time haha). I agree though.. try jc penny and Macy's. Also I went into an old navy the other day and bought a pair of pants for myself for $35 They also had a great clearance rack.

Good luck & let us know where you find things, I would be curious for myself seeing I am budgeting my wardrobe too.

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I haven't been IN the Kohls or Penney's near me, but.. most of them carry maternity for...uh..regular size women. I'm not HUGE by any means, but it's hard to find these pants. Now if I were looking for cute tops or blue jeans, there's tons of those, black pants.

Alissa - I've thought about buying a belly band, but I hear they just roll on bigger I'm a little hesitant to buy one.

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I was just about to post this!! I swear they are going to do a collection for me at work since I wear the same 2 black maternity pants all week! I can't find anything good for my size and then the rest is too damn expensive!!!! I remember dealing with this with DD, and I hated it!!! I also find that most shirts are so low cut and I'm totally not into that. I hate hate hate showing cleavage...LOL!

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Mari - I find that a lot of maternity shirts double as nursing shirts which often have the crisscross neckline to make it easier to "whip em out". LOL But my boobs are too big for all that noise, so it's a cute shirt but the neckline is too low, I just wear a tank or cami underneath.

ETA: I find that Destination Maternity is often cheaper than Motherhood. They have a plus sized website online. I I found some bottoms for around $30-$40.

Hope that helps a little. Smile

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Thrift stores. It may take a few tries, but someone should have something, or craigslist.

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I'd try eBay or Craigslist.