Cluster feeding

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Cluster feeding

She's doing it right now, which is why I have time to start all these threads, lol. During the day, she does great, going between 2-3 hours between feedings. However, at night, she pretty much nurses constantly from around 8-11. Some nights it's shorter, but let me tell you, you either let this girl feed or pay the price, lol. Her pediatrician is big on scheduling too and tells me I shouldn't feed her if it's been less than 2 hours. :rolleyes:

On that note, I don't mind feeding her for an hour straight because she's eating, but I do mind being used as a pacifier. I know some mommas are fine with it, but I can't do it. She's mad at me right now because I won't let her spend the next hour on my boob not eating.

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Tim clusters from 1-4 am, can we trade? Smile

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"cristancanoe" wrote:

Tim clusters from 1-4 am, can we trade? Smile


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OMG Cristan. I hope he cuts that out stat! Joan, I'm with you, I totally mind being used as a paci. We've tried literally every brand of paci that the Target near our house sells, but no dice. He wants boob. But I will say that he is slightly better at night, thank goodness, since I can usually slip my boob out of his mouth once he is good and asleep. Cristan, my condolences!

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B wakes up to eat around 10pm, 1am and 330am.. he chows for about 10-15 minutes total on the breast and is back to sleep. Why is it ME who can't get back to sleep!?!?! :annoyed:

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I totally feel ya. Before I was supplementing I would basically spend the evening from dinner on on the couch nursing. Wore me out! But it was more because he wasn't getting enough.
He is SUCH a lazy nurser though, he gets on and will suck some down and then just comfort nurse. And we've tried the Nuk (fail) and the Soothie which he takes sometimes. Usually though he will just go to sleep w/o a paci.
I'm not one to let the boob pacify either!!! And I know people who when their kids get hurt or cry they will just stick them on the boob for comfort. No thanks!

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The last two nights she woke up after an hour of sleep twice. This mama is tired. I'm making sure she eats every two hours during the day today from both breasts.

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I was the boob pacifier with DD1-when I tried to introduce a paci, she refused it and I couldn't stand to let her cry. Thank goodness DD2 doesn't seem to need to pacify much cause doing that again with a toddler to take care of would drive me nuts.

I will wake Liliana up every 2 hours during the day as well to try to avoid tons of night cluster feeding-only time I will let her go longer during the day is if I happen to be napping myself, then I might let her go 3 hours without a feed if she will sleep that long. That works most nights but sometimes we still get a cluster feed when I would rather be sleeping. And the cluster feed is followed by hiccups/ spitting up and finally a poop fest-those are fun nights.

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Sadies been doing this as well i think its pretty normal at this point