Colic 2.0

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Colic 2.0

Well I thought the colic was over. We are having a major regression over here. Could be teeth, I hope its teeth. But his daycare has called me 2x in the past couple of weeks for too much crying. Then a mom at the daycare told me that when she picks her son up she can always hear my baby screaming when she approaches the room. He has also been waking and screaming again. He is happy in between the screaming fits but why oh why does he scream like he is being murdered? Its frightening for others to hear. I get looks even from parents with kids. He is that loud and dramatic.

I am also frustrated with some of my friends, parents and in laws. They constantly make it out to be my fault and start sentences with "have you tried...?" And "oh he just needs.....Yes I have tried that, and no he doesn't need that, because I have already tried it.

Dh has officially declared it colic 2.0. Haha, at least we have a giggle in us still. It could be teeth or a growth spurt, but I think he is just a high needs baby.

Sorry for the rant. I'm exhausted.

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(((Hugs))) Elizabeth!!! When he gets that way what (if anything) soothes him?

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I'm sorry. That stinks! I totally know how you feel though. I was so over everyone's suggestions with my DS. People would say stupid sh!t to me all the time. I definitely remember feeling like people though it was my fault he was fussy. I hope Henry pops a tooth in tomorrow and is back to his normal self! Try and keep your chin up, he'll be running around the house soon enough and this will be a distant memory.

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Oh man, you just can't catch a break. I really hope he is teething as well and this only lasts a little while.
When the daycare calls you for his "too much crying" what do they expect you to do?

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Well once they made me pick him up because he refused the bottle. That day I told them that it would be 45 min until I got there and they told me that they would keep trying to console him until then but he was very upset. Then last week they just called to tell me he was having a rough day and asked if I wanted to pick him up. I actually couldn't because my car battery had died and I had to get a new one. I told them if he continued to be irritable that someone would pick him up. They never called back.

I feel bad for him. Hearing him cry so much and so loudly can get to you after awhile. I had a headache all last week. But this past weekend he was so good. He barely cried. Not sure what changed. He still didnt sleep. He is an insomniac, I swear.