Coos and Smiles

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Coos and Smiles

You guys getting these yet? Judah has started making cute little noises and smiling. It's still work to get him to smile right at us but it's SO cute and rewarding to finally get some feedback from these little monsters that are attached to us so often and keep us sleep deprived. Smile

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I know, right??? Emma is so full of smiles lately! I love them at this age because they're so over exaggerated. She does this one cooing noise and it's the only noise she's got (besides screaming, lol). It's soooo cute and sometimes I can get her to go back and forth with me. I'm waiting for the laughs to come ... I can't wait!!!

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I think we've gotten 4-5 smiles in the past 2 weeks or so? Definitely ramping up - excited for that! Smile Coos? Not so much.. but I'm sure they're coming soon! Smile Can't wait!!

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We totally have been getting more and more of this. Today her PaPa looked at her and said something and the smiles were priceless... She is laying on the floor right now stretching out making cooing and baby talk voices and I could listen all day

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We are also getting the smiles and here in the last week she has started making cooing noises. Love these times! Makes me sad that she is getting so big so fast and knowing that she is my last, so definitely savoring these times.

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Henry gets gas smiles...but I'll take em! Can't wait for the cooing!

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Yep, Reid is making tons of adorable coos and squeals and giving a lot of adorable grins these days. I love the huge open mouthed gummy smiles. Sooooo cute.