Couple of questions

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Couple of questions

UGH, I just want to feel like I'm pregnant already!! This is driving me insane!!!

1. Can you still lie on your stomach? I can! This irritates me....
2. Are you boobs any bigger? Dh told me they were "swollen" I don't think they are at all. Boob soreness is VERY minimal, yesterday they were barely sore. Today a tad bit sorer.

The only thing that is consistent is my bloating. By the end of the night as DH put it yesterday "you look like you are 50 months pregnant." I did smile with that comment! Smile Pants barely fit, some are snug and button but bother me. One doesn't fit at all and the hunger and strange craving for olives. That's it!

UGH, I'm so sorry. I'm just having a bad day today. Sad I'm so scared about my BW and US on Friday and I'm basing those results on how I feel, so obviously I feel they are going to be bad. I just hope that one day soon, my post will headline OMG, I feel like crap!!!
Thanks for dealing with me!

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First off, i'm so sorry you having such a hard time right now! :bighug: It's so hard when you just want to know baby is ok. I pray for you and baby daily!

As for symptoms. I didn't get any this time around until I was 6w2d but previous pregnancies I didn't get symptoms until 7-8 weeks along. And some people never get symptoms at all. I can still sleep on my belly and my boobs aren't really any bigger than they were pre-pg. They actually seem to be getting smaller... I think my supply is starting to dry up. I still fit into my pants just fine also.

I really hope you get to feeling better about your pregnancy soon! And I hope that your symptoms kick in so you can enjoy them!!

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I know it's hard not to worry but it's still really early for you to be feeling any symptoms. Like Joy said, I started at 7 and 6 weeks consecutively with each of my other babies.
I have no problem lying on my stomach and don't think that's really a sign of pregnancy necessarily.
My boobs haven't gotten noticeably bigger yet but they are fuller - they don't sag as much. Smile And they're not sore; I only had major soreness with my first.
I think your hunger/olives cravings are a great sign of pregnancy. Just be happy you're not sick as a dog and nauseous all the time! But I do understand. I sort of appreciate my symptoms right now as annoying as it can be.

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I understand what you are saying. But just know that sometimes you get what you are asking for! LOL! I have already been diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum AGAIN. And it's awful- but I just have to deal with it because I have a full time job and a 22 month old to take care of.

((HUGS)) to you. I hope that soon you feel some queasiness- mine started strong at exactly 6 weeks! Hang in there- its coming!

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1. No, I don't have any trouble sleeping on my stomach. I don't remember when that kicked in with T, 2nd or 3rd trimester, but it hasn't kicked in yet with this one even though I am noticably thicker in the lower belly than pre-pregnancy.

2. Some days they feel more swollen, but I am still wearing the same bra size without problem.

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I can lie on my stomach still. My boobs only hurt in the morning and its barely noticeable. You are just one of those lucky no symptom pregnant ladies. I have a couple of friends that had no symptoms whatsoever. I have a friend that didn't even start showing until 28 weeks and even then her bump was tiny. Just goes to show everyone woman is different. Try not to worry. At least your appointment is in 2 days and you will be able to relax after your sonogram.

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I could still lay on my tummy if it didn't hurt my friggin boobs so bad. I still wear the same bra size, but they look bouncier/fuller/more veiny.

I had zero symptoms with my son and didn't show until at least 26 weeks. I will post a pic of me as a bridesmaid at 24 weeks (although I didn't know it then!) if you don't believe me. Wink

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My boobs are killing me and I don't lie on my stomach, but i've never been a stomach sleeper to begin with. Maybe your just a lucky one who won't have all the yucky pregnancy symptoms...although I know it would be better for you to rest easier if you had something other than the Have the have olives thing. Smile
Other than the extreme tiredness and my boobs hurting I don't have any other symptoms at this point and i'm 7 weeks today. I'm sure their coming though.
Hang in there momma!

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Is it weird that I am praying that Mari has morning sickness soon?

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LOL, i think I'm the only one that wants to feel like crap.

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Haha, no I wished for morning sickness and I got it. But now that I feel like poo, I want it to end soon. Can't wait for the 2nd trimester.

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LOL Marisol, you are not the only one. I wished for morning sickness and I finally got it around 6 1/2 weeks. I was hugging the toilet several times a day but I smiled through it all.

Oh and I can STILL sleep on my stomach and my bbs aren't really that much bigger. Biggrin

I hope you get the m/s your looking for. Wink

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LOL!! Everyone is praying I get sick!! Watch me get really sick starting next week when I have 20 first graders staring at me!!!

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"Mari626" wrote:

LOL!! Everyone is praying I get sick!! Watch me get really sick starting next week when I have 20 first graders staring at me!!!

that would be funny!

if it makes you feel any better, it has not been my experience that m/s signifies a lasting pregnancy. hugs