Couple questions..

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Couple questions..

So.. every now and then I can feel my bladder like..uh.. being squashed. I immediately have to pee and it backs off a little and then again I feel it. I assume that's baby girl hitting it?

Also, when does the baby start to move above my belly button? While I'm not a big fan of getting even MORE indigestion and having issues breathing, my "down there" feels...sore some days. It doesn't hurt really...I'm just ready for her to move.

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my baby girl thinks my bladder is a pillow to bounce on it feels like at times:) I feel you on the "down there" being sore at times, occasionally during the day she plays higher about belly button level.. The way i can get baby girl out of my down there is by laying on my left side for a few minutes:) All i can say is i feel your pain:)

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So funny, I was going to respond yesterday and say that I have never really felt that (bladder squashed or sore down there) and that maybe it depends on how long waisted you are or how you carry your babies or something. Then, driving home last night, I actually did feel sore down there, so maybe it's starting with me down there. I still haven't felt a physical sensation of the baby squishing my bladder, but I do have to pee constantly, so maybe that's how I feel it. Frankly, I don't know if baby is ever going to move out of your lower pelvis, I think it's more like she'll keep taking up more space until she's filled up your upper AND lower belly region. That was my experience with T anyway. Smile