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    Hey Elizabeth!

    I agree with the PP. Once baby arrives he will become your priority and you won't be a terrible mom!

    as far as work I think you will have to cut back on hours. It's just not feasible to work 80 hours a week if both of you are working that much and have a child unless family lives in the same town as you. Otherwise you or your DH will have to do less at work. I have a friend who is taking an extended LOA from her architecture job. Her son is 2 and she's pregnant with another child and isn't planning on going back for at least another 3 years. Not saying that is the way to go but she does want to get back into the field someday. I'd hope that your boss would compromise at 40 hours in the office and then 10-20 at home when needed. Though even 50 hours is a stretch with a newborn.

    what are your daycare's hours?

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    My daycare's hours are 6:30am to 6:30pm. Although I would feel terrible leaving my child in daycare for 12 hours.
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