DD felt the baby kick!

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DD felt the baby kick!

She was kicking pretty hard the other night and DD was nearby so I said to her "hurry up come here," and put her hands on my belly. Next thing I know she is yelling, "OMG, I felt the baby kick, OMG." It was awesome!!! Smile When this baby wants she can kick pretty hard already but she is still doing it down low. I sometimes feel it on my belly. I can find the HB on my belly already and the anatomy scan was pretty much done on my belly but kicks are low still. :confused:

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THis is so cool. I've been trying to get Carson to feel her, but I can't get it to work out. He really wants to feel her move.

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Isn't that wonderful! T felt the baby kick for the first time this weekend too. Joan, like you, most of the time I feel the movement down really low, but this weekend we were sitting on the couch together, and I could feel the baby kicking really hard towards the top of my belly, so I grabbed T's hand and put it there and said "Wait for a minute, you might be able to feel the baby kick." Sure enough, about 30 seconds later Little Guy gave a huge kick right where T's hand was. T seemed genuinely amazed. Smile So sweet! Mari, I bet your DD was really happy and excited to feel her little sister. Smile

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That's so awesome! DH hasn't felt her yet, when she's really squirming around in there, he's usually not here. He says he looks forward to feeling her though, so I try to pay attention to where she's kicking so I can grab his hand. But she always just stops.

All my movement from her is low, and I still feel a foot (or something) attack my bladder sometimes.

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That's so neat! I still haven't had any kicks that can be felt on the outside. And all the movements are really low on me as well.

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So cool! DH is feeling the kicks now too. I love watching his face, he looks so shocked.

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DH hasn't felt it yet, he's too impatient to sit and wait! LOL!