Definitely out

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Definitely out

AF showed in super full force this morning with the worst cramps EVER! Sitting here with a heating pad right now. Grrr...glad this cycle is over though. I will officially never trust 2ww symptoms ever again. At least not while on fertility meds. I'm okay though. Just ready to move on. Thanks for letting me hang here and thanks for all of the support. I wish you all a very happy and very healthy 9 months! Smile

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:bigarmhug: Sorry to hear that. Although glad it's over if it wasn't the winning cycle might as well be shorter than longer. The witch showed earlier than you were expecting right?

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Oh yes much earlier. I wasn't sure what to expect since I O'd so early this cycle on Femara. My cycles are usually 31 days on infertility meds even if I O a day earlier or late or somewhere in that time frame. If this one had been 31 days I would have had a 19 day LP which is insane! It's usually around 16. It was 15 this time which isn't super off but they told me to expect a longer LP and it was a day or so shorter. I was spotting last night but not enough to count at day 1. I'm glad it was shorter though since 14-15 days is still a good LP and why suffer any longer? Lol. I go to the doc CD3 so Friday to discuss some options.

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Oh Leah, giant hugs to you. I hate AF, she's the worst. I hope your cramps go away soon. I will be thinking of you next cycle. Hope its the lucky one. PM me if you want those opks.

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Leah, huge hugs, lady. I'm glad the witch didn't jerk you around any way. I wish you the best, and hope that you are able to get your take home baby (either through pregnancy or adoption, whatever you decide) very soon.

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Sad But glad you are doing ok

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So sorry hun!!

Big hugs and I hope next cycle is the on for you.

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I'm so sorry Leah. I hope you can decide what is best for you to continue to do in the future.

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So sorry to hear.

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so sorry to hear this sweetie, I'll be following you and stalking!

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So sorry! Just realized my post never went thru! Sometimes when I do it from my phone it doesn't work!!! :bighug: