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What kind of detergent will you use on baby clothes/linens? I just washed some baby things in ALL free and clear because that's what we use on our clothes. I had registered for some babyganics detergent, but then I read online that it doesn't really matter if you are using stuff that is for sensitive skin and free of fragrance.

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We'll use the same thing that we do - the ALL Free.. Tide Free (current) or 7th Generation (all natural). We have a pretty high tech W/D set and don't want all that dye/perfume gunking up in the lines. Plus DH doesn't want all the smells/dyes breaking down clothes. Smile

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We use Tide Free anyway, so I'll just stick with that. We did the special baby detergent when T was a newborn but then I read that any dye free perfume free detergent should be fine, and since that is what we use normally, I just switched him over to that. Much cheaper, and we've never had a bad reaction.

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Awesome thanks ladies!

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We started with draft on my daughter because I got it at my shower and washed everything before. My daughter has eczema and that seemed to even bother her. We went to all free and clear for everyone and it helped. She still gets bouts of eczema but not nearly as bad

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All Free and Clear.