DH.. nesting? OT

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DH.. nesting? OT

Last night was SO not fun in this house. DH came home in a pissed off mood because he couldn't find some phone number. He walked in the door and asked if the internet was working (no hello, no nothing and we had talked on the phone about an hour before that and everything was fine).... the internet WAS working, so he waited for his phone to realize it..then kept searching for some mysterious phone number that he wouldn't let me help him with. Finally, he tossed/threw his phone to other other couch, got up and went outside. I grabbed his phone (what???) and he was looking up boat repair places near me. So anyway, I look outside and he's messing around with the boat...and he comes in and is like..where did you put the key to the shed? Um.. I don't even GO to the shed, much less carry around the key. He said it was in his pants pocket (I do the laundry), but the particular pair was still there....with no shed key. So he's like..NEVERMIND. ILL JUST CLEAN THE HOUSE!! ...

Weeeellll, DH's "cleaning" and my "cleaning" are two different things. But he did sweep the floor...and throw away a lot of stuff. I KNOW he was only "cleaning" to find the shed key (which we didn't find). And then we counted the change LOL He ALWAYS counts our change when he's done cleaning.

So today, he calls and asks me what I'm doing (I'm off today) and I had some errands to run. He was like we have to keep cleaning. I said...um..are you nesting? Because that's supposed to be me? He was like..no, the house stunk.
LOLOLOLOLOLOL The house doesn't stink, first off. And second, how is sweeping the floor going to help that? Yeah, like I said - he's just looking for the key...and he better not be a butt when he gets home today.

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:biglaugh: I say take it for what it's worth!! Lol

Did he ever find the key??

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Sounds to me like he may be unconsciously nesting. lol but he doesn't want to admit it maybe. Hope he is in a better mood today! Smile And hope your day is going well Smile

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Hope he was in a better mood today. And I agree, take any "cleaning" he does and run with it. Smile

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My DH gets so grumpy when he's cleaning too!! My co-worker went through a major nesting phase before his wife went into labor and I couldn't stop laughing at him because it was all stuff completely useless for a baby. He got this bug in him that he had to get the lawn perfect and finishing building a book shelf before the baby got here, lol!! Men are the craziest.