DH's dog...rant

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DH's dog...rant

So.. about 2 months ago, maybe a little more, we took in MIL's dog (which is DH's dog) because she has some kid staying with her and the dog and the kid don't get along. Well, since then my asthma has been horrible. I do breathing treatments with a nebulizer MAYBE once a year and since the dog has been here I've done three. I suck down my albuterol inhaler in two weeks. I'm not "allergic" to dogs - I have two mini schnauzers, but it seems like dogs with his kind of fur (hes a lab) bother me, plus my dogs don't shed and DH's dog sheds EVERYWHERE. I can't do anything without seeing some piece of black hair. Plus, he's getting older so he's constantly using the bathroom on the couch or where ever he pleases. My dogs don't like him but they tolerate him.
Point is, I complained today twice because I'm sick and tired of not being able to breathe in my OWN HOUSE. I didn't say anything about his dog, although that's the ONLY thing that has changed around here that would make my asthma act up. I can only take so much medicine while being pregnant, one of my asthma meds is a no no (but it's expensive so I wasn't really taking it like I should anyway).. so I use Claritin but it's just not doing much. I'm constantly stuffed up and all I can think is as the pregnancy progresses it's going to get worse because they say it gets harder to breathe as it goes on.
DH got mad at me today for complaining. He says he's tired of hearing me say I can't breathe. Um, HELLO??? I CANT BREATHE. The other day I almost went to the hospital because I couldn't breathe even after a breathing treatment. I finally got better, but only after leaving the house. So anyway, he flipped out and said we'll give the dog to his uncle (the dog was only supposed to be here a week or so anyway).. and now he's all mad AT ME. Like I'm choosing to have a hard time breathing! I don't know how much was just talk, but I told him he's so dang stubborn. It's his way or no way and if he has to consider the "other" way, he gets all bent out of shape.
I don't want the dog here. But I don't want him to hate me because we had to get rid of his dog.

You think he'll get over it? I mean - I should think I'm more important than the dog... but... he sure did show his @ss tonight.

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ROFL Ok I'm not laughing at anything you said.. just that.. well, read my blog if you haven't from about 2 weeks ago.

Unfortuntely, DH's dogs and I just DO NOT get along and our marriage/new home/future was contingent on them finding a new home.

If you are TRULY having a medical issue with the dogs, they need to go, period. I'd gently sit down with DH and let him know how serious this is for you. This is putting un-due stress on you and the baby and as much as you love him and want him to enjoy his pup(s?), it's straining an already touchy medical condition.

As one who has battled this for the past couple of months, I certainly would not take the ultimatum route.. stay calm! And certainly come up with options.. With DH I told him that while I could not stand his dogs to live with us, I would be open to them coming to visit for 1-2 weeks at a time every couple of months or paying for a ticket for him to fly out to them. (His parents are retired and the dogs travel with them in their Coach Bus).

For the health of the baby, you have to stand firm. If that means DH gets pissed off, so be it. It is disheartening that he's not being more understanding about genuine, medical needs! Sad

Until they can go, is there another part of the house they can stay in that you don't/won't go into?

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Yes, I agree with Adrianna, if you have a genuine medical problem that is exacerbated by the dog, there shouldn't even be a question; dog has to go. I understand that your DH is understandably attached to his dog, but the bottom line has to be that your health trumps a pet. It just does.

Yes, I'm sure that your DH will get over it. Smile

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I'm sorry you are having such a hard time breathing. That stinks. I hope the dog goes to someone in your family so he can still visit him. I'm rather attached to my dog, so I know it must be hard for him.

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I had a sister die from an asthma attack, so I really understand the seriousness of this. I would get your doctor to be the "bad guy". I know my husband listens to things more when it comes from the doctor then from me. Asthma is serious and needs to be taken care of, every attack can be severe.

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everything has been said... he will get over it. This is a health issue, it's not like you don't like the dog and want to get rid of it. Sometimes men can be way too stubborn with what is theirs...