Diaper bags and nursing covers - g/n or what?
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Thread: Diaper bags and nursing covers - g/n or what?

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    Default Diaper bags and nursing covers - g/n or what?

    So right now, I have a purple print nursing cover and I bought a purple backpack I was thinking of using for a diaper bag. Do you think it's weird for me to have girly colors for those things or not? It's not that I care if someone thinks my baby is a girl if I'm nursing in a pink cover but ya know... I do have a nice pink and gray diaper bag that screams girl to me so I'm getting rid of it. But the backpack is more functional I think. Or maybe I'll get one of those diaper bags that look like huge purses? Where do you find those? What kinds of bags do you guys have? ETA: Ok, here's what I have in pink: http://jjcolecollections.com/system-180-bag (I really liked all of the compartments but it kind of hurt my shoulder.) Then here are some I'm looking at: http://www.target.com/p/baby-essenti..._qi_detaillink http://www.target.com/p/baby-essenti...age.vertical_1 So the bottom ones are cute, but I'm afraid they won't be big enough... ideally I want one bag to put my wallet/purse stuff in as well so I don't have two bags. And I was *just* at Target today; I could have looked at the bags! But then another part of me says I should just use my backpack because they are way easier to carry... Here's another: http://www.target.com/p/liz-lange-print-diaper-bag-black-white/-/A-14443411#prodSlot=medium_1_21
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    I have a black bag, but sometimes wish I had a backpack. I never thought much of the color of my nursing covers. The one I mostly use is yellow and it came free in a Gerber breastfeeding "support" pack.

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    My diaper bag is zebra print with some pink - definitely girly. I'd like a backpack though - I hadn't even thought of that. I think it'd definitely be easier to haul around a backpack than a diaper bag slung over one shoulder. And I've always thought purple could go either way...
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    I honestly don't think the color matters. Baby doesn't care, and everyone who matters in your life presumably knows that he's a boy, so I would just use whatever you have/like. Our bouncy seat is purple (which I think is pretty gender neutral anyway) and inherited from my cousin's daughters. But I know Reid could care less that he's sitting in a "girl's" bouncy seat.
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    I don't think it matters, you are the one carrying it. I have a black skiphop bag, but I tend to wear a lot of black and so its just my style. I have a nursing cover thats also black with a girly pattern on it though and then I have lots of breatheable summer scarfs that I plan to use while nursing that are super girly colors.

    Like Alissa, I also have a pretty girly bouncer, but Henry will surely not care about that.

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    I have a small Vera Bradley for short trips but we went to a north face back pack awhile ago with DD and it is sooo much easier and functional
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