Differing Perceptions of Bump Size

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Differing Perceptions of Bump Size

I was walking to a coworker's office and ran into a student I haven't seen in a few weeks who knows I am expecting. Her: "Oh wow, you've gotten so big, baby is really blossoming!" I get to coworkers office who hasn't seen me for a few months who apparently didn't know I was expecting. On hearing I was due in April, her reaction was "Wow, you are really small, looks like you hardly gained anything at all!"

I just think it is funny how everyone has such different reactions to my size, lol!

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I get this a lot too. My family and DH think I'm huge, but I posted a pic on fb a couple of weeks ago and everyone said my bump was tiny.

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Haha, I change my mind about my own bump pretty much daily. Is it huge? It is too small? It is funny though - I was having a "huge bump" day today, and then I saw an old coworker who hasn't seen me in a couple of months, and she said that for how far along I am, I'm "really small." I think it was the hoodie I was wearing. Black, slimming you know...:lol:

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I think it definitely is dependent on the clothes I have one. I constantly have a hoodie on and it's just NOW poking out through that (but not enough for people to think I'm pregnant, just fatter!), but today it was so nice outside I had on a maternity shirt that's like a long sleeve sweater and DH was like....wow! Julie's getting big! lol. It's so cute when he talks to her. Every night when DH goes to bed, he spends a few moments to speak to her and rub my stomach.

I'm gonna go cry now.

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I haven't had anyone tell me I look huge or anything. But I have had everyone tell me that I only look pregnant from the front, so I guess thats a good thing.

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I get the huge comments non stop and I know I am and the doc says this has a lot to do with high fluid but I am so sick of hearing people say I won't make it 6 more weeks

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It's funny. People swear I'm having twins even though I'm measuring right on track (one week ahead). Mine just sticks out far from my body, but I can't convince people that I'm really not any bigger than any woman at my stage of pregnancy.

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I never get any "small" comments!! I already got a couple comments at church "You're still pregnant?" and an older woman who really thought I was due before my friend who is due 4 weeks before me!
And yes, people are always saying "Not too long now!" which 9 weeks for me seems like a LONG time.