Do I get to be first??

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Do I get to be first??

So keeping with the theme of nothing happening right with this pregnancy, little man is now breech. I have had high fluid levels due to Gestational diabetes and he has been flipping around a lot the last months or so. But my fluid levels were high (mid 20's) two weeks ago and were 6 today. Due to the low levels there only a small chance he would be able to flip back to head down. I am not leaking fluid, the placenta has decided it is done. We have been watching the placenta this whole pregnancy since only one uterine artery is functional.

SO, we are scheduled for a c-section on thursday morning. EEK!

I am a little bummed that I will not get another vaginal birth, having surgery is a little scary too!

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Oh my gosh! It sounds like you are going to be first! How exciting! I'm sorry that you have to have a c-section if you don't want one, but how awesome to know that you are going to meet your little guy in two days!!!!! That is soooooo exciting!!!! Please keep us posted as soon as you can after Thursday!

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OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG *hyperventilate*

Okay... um.. (((HUGS))) I know you're freaked out about a C-section but... holy crap!! THURSDAY??? That's in TWO DAYS! EEEEEK I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!

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Omg that's so close!!!! Hope all goes well. I can't believe your fluid changed so much. Mine keeps fluctuating but not by that much.

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No way!!!!! In two days! Holy crap!!!!
I know it's not the ending you were hoping for, but yay for meeting the little guy so dang soon!!!!!!!

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WOw!! I know you are bummed about the c section because I would too. But Congrats and Yay!!! , you are going to see your baby this Thursday in two days! I bet you are so excited! Sending you happy thoughts and good vibes. I will be praying for you Smile

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How awesome that you get to meet your little one in 2 days!!!!

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Aww, I'm sorry about the c-section, I would be bummed as well. But yay for meeting your little one in 2 days!

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Thoughts and prayers going your way girlie for the whole process. I know you will be glad to see your baby though Smile

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OMG!!! I can't wait to see pics of your little baby!! I'm so ready for someone to go! Bummer about the c-section, but it sounds like that's definitely the right call in this case. Holy crap, tomorrow!!!!!!!

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Wow, a lot can change fast, eh? That's crazy - that's TOMORROW ahhh!!!! I hope everything goes well; at least since it's a scheduled c/s it won't be too stressful (hopefully). KUP!!

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Guess my post didn't go through this morning :annoyed:

Congrats on seeing your LO tomrrow.. sorry about how she's coming.. but yay all around!! Pics, please Biggrin