Do you miss being pregnant?
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Thread: Do you miss being pregnant?

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    Default Do you miss being pregnant?

    I'm going to start having to direct my questions and threads to you moms with babies. Since its just me, Katie, and Amanda left.

    So do you miss your pregnant belly or being pregnant? Or not at all? I have grown quite attached to the belly, but I really really want to meet my baby and have more options for clothes. I've had an easy pregnancy and I've mostly enjoyed it minus the short lived SPD and the morning sickness.

    I'm sure Jessica's answer will be "NO!!!" Haha.
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    Lol, I was thinking Jessica would be like NO! BTW, Jess.. miss ya! I know you're busy though :P

    Elizabeth, I don't think I'll miss being pregnant. I've had it pretty easy also but I'm just ready for my baby.. for my body back.. and to be able to exercise and move a lot easier than I do now!!

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    Not at all!!!!
    Looking forward to never being again
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    No. I enjoyed being pregnant, but I don't miss it. The only thing I miss is sleep! Zzzzzzzzz
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alissa_Sal View Post
    No. I enjoyed being pregnant, but I don't miss it. The only thing I miss is sleep! Zzzzzzzzz
    This. It was fun while it lasted but I'm over it. lol.. Ready to just enjoy my life with 2 kids
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    HECK NO! But honestly, I haven't really had time to even think about "Hey! I'm not pregnant any more!" She had her first appt yesterday (which I will post about) and just out of habit I grabbed my mat jeans. I'm not even sure I can fit in my regular jeans yet, but I'm not aiming to try to do anything until my c-section heals up some.

    I DO miss the... specialness? of being pregnant. People knew you were pregnant and all those annoying questions came your way.. and now that I have a little baby, I'm special still, but people won't know I have a baby unless she's with me. Does that make sense? But as far as "being" pregnant - no. It'll take me a little while to get back into the non-pregnant way of life. I still eyeball things and think - that's going to make my stomach
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    I love being pregnant, but I enjoy having a baby in my arms more!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by OkieMommy04 View Post
    I love being pregnant, but I enjoy having a baby in my arms more!!
    'this! The first few days home were hard but I feel like I'm more in tune with baby now and am actually able to keep up with him w/ my milk supply this time around.
    Honestly I havent thought too much about not being pregnant. I still look like I'm five months along so that keeps me from going many public places lol. I know it takes time though.
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    Oh, Elizabeth, I hope your DH wants a big family.
    Yes, I love being pregnant (except the horrible m/s) and I have always missed it after the baby is born.
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    I do kind of miss it, but I dont miss the discomfort and difficulty bending with my belly in the way!
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