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Doc appt

Started off on the drive there - my brother texted me and told me he can't pay his half of the phone bill because he's not working and he doesn't know when he can pay it. :rolleyes: Nice. I HOPE he doesn't think I'm going to keep it on with no money from him...?

Anyway, I'm 37 wks and 6 days so I figured they'd check dilation....she said they start to check at it at 38 weeks...

But no. Just a heartbeat check. Said it sounds good. *sigh* it's ridiculous driving out there for that every week. I know next week they'll check it, but I was so ready to find out SOMETHING.

BP was good, I gained another pound, but she actually said most people gain more than a pound when they're as far along as I am. I laughed and told her I was doing fine until I gained SEVEN in two weeks and she said I'm still down from my pre pregnancy weight, but I'm approaching She said I'm measuring 38 weeks (I had to ask) and that baby *probably* weighs from 6 to 6 1/2 lbs (I had to ask that too.) She asked how I was feeling and I told her really uncomfortable and she just nodded.

Oh, but she was doing the heartbeat check and I could tell Julie had dropped because she was checking it wayyy lower than she has been. (Although, I can tell she dropped anyway because the pressure down there and the pain has gotten way worse. AND, I had a few contractions yesterday which got me excited LOL, but it was only like 4 in a 3 hour period, so nothing to send me into a panic.)

So, I go back on Wednesday. Unless, of course, I have her by then.


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Yay for a good boring appt!

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Sounds like a good appt. That kinda sucks that you have to ask for measurements and all that though, but sounds like everything is going alright. So close to the end.

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Sounds like a good appointment! Midwives are not typically as hung up on sizes and progress as much as OB's. Actually my birth videos say that a lot of people who choose to go natural don't want ultrasounds and to hear about measurements because it can be discouraging. Since I'm measuring behind...I can tell you that, yes, that may be true.

I know you are ready girl! Are you doing anything to get your body in gear for labor? Evening primrose, RRL, spicy foods, pineapple? You are 38 weeks! Not too much longer, she will come when she is ready.

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Elizabeth - I like spicy foods anyway, so ...they're being eaten LOL. But no, I haven't bought anything to help me along. I have tried to walk a little bit in the afternoons with the dogs... but today it's just TOO dang cold!

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Yay for a good appointment, although I'm sorry that she didn't tell you more as far as checking your cervix and stuff. Come on Julie, your mom is ready for you!!! Time to show that pretty face!

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Congrats on a great appointment! Hope you find out the information at your next appointment unless Julie arrives before then! Yay! So excited for you! Smile

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Is it your brother's cell phone? I'm sorry he's still such a pain. Sorry they didn't check you, but it hurts like hell, so at least you saved yourself that. The next few weeks will be gone before you know it!