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    Default Doc Appt Today

    Well, for the GOOD news - BP was good 123/82. I lost four pounds since last Thursday.

    That's it for the good news.

    I had my first "check" today to see how far dilated I am. WELL! I'm not dilated at all. She said my cervix is still way up high, completely closed and not effaced at all. Um, hello!?!? Doesn't this baby know that MOM IS DONE WITH PREGNANCY??? Omg when she said that I about cried. THEN she said she couldn't even feel the head and usually this far along, the head can be felt, regardless of how the cervix she wheeled in the u/s machine to make sure the baby is still head down. Which she is. BUT SHE HASNT DROPPED YET. What the heck?? I'm so uncomfortable "down there" the past couple of weeks I had just assumed she dropped. Plus, they look for her heartbeat way down low now. But apparently no, she hasn't dropped... at least not all the way. So yeah, I asked when they induce so I can at least have some sort of time line of how much longer.. she said they let you go to 41 weeks. I hope she comes on her own before then. I am SO bummed. 39 weeks in two days and NO progression. *really big overly dramatic sigh*

    Oh - AND she was doing the doppler and usually she does it for a second and then she's like okay! Looking great! But this time she left it on there. I could clearly hear the heartbeat, but.. her face made me wonder if it wasn't moving fast enough of something.
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    Yay for the good news... i probably will have gained 4 lbs when I go tomorrow!

    I know on the doppler for me they need to see inflections in the rate over a 15 minute period or that is a concern.
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    My best friend had no progress, no progress, then one day her water broke and everything happened all at once. This is why a lot of practitioners are moving towards not checking. Some ladies walk around 4 cm for weeks and others have no progress until delivery day. It's really no indication of when you might go into labor. Hopefully that baby decides not to hold out too much longer on you and you get some relief soon. Come on little girl!!!!!
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    Yep Joan is right. Same thing happened to my friend. Hadn't dilated a centimeter at her appointment and boom, the next day she was in labor. This is why my birth classes are recommending to not get cervical checks, because it messes with your mind.

    I know you are uncomfortable, but maybe Julie just needs to bake a bit longer. Hang in there Jessica. Not too much longer.
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    I'm sorry, Jessica! But I agree with Joan and Elizabeth, she can come any day or maybe she needs more baking time. Either way I know it's frustrating but hang in there

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    Sorry for the frustrating appt, mama... but look at the bright side! At least you don't have 40 more weeks go to.. or even 20.. or 10! ha!

    Find the silver lining.. I know it's soooo frustrating.. You're tired.. You're over this pregnancy stuff.. But she will be here soon!

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    Ugh, hate going to appts expecting to hear something good and then nothing really good comes of it.
    I hope Julie decides to play nice and drop for you and hopefully your body decides it's time.
    I know it's not what you want to hear, but hang in there mama! She will be here soon!
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    You will look back on these last few weeks and think they were nothing - once you have her those weeks will fly! Don't worry - she WILL come! And remember that inductions *can* lead to c-sections especially if your body isn't ready at all. So try to go as long as you can even if it's super uncomfortable, unless of course you are ok with the c-section possibility and that is perfectly fine too!
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    You got this Jessica! I know it is frustrating. I had my appointment today and I dint even get checked. I have to wait till 38 weeks. And everyone else is right! Not much longer you will be holding baby Julie in your arms and looking into her little eyes. It will all be worth iti in the end. Not much longer at all Sending you positive vibes and happy thoughts. Praying for you and Julie as well Your so close girl

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    Ah Jessica, sorry for the frustrating appt. I know you're ready to go, and that's so frustrating to not feel like you're making any progress. I agree with the others too, remember that at 36 weeks my doc said I could "go at anytime" and I still went like 2.5 weeks longer, so the whole cervical check thing isn't much of a predictor.

    Anyway, fingers crossed that Julie show herself very soon! Just try to keep telling yourself that it's only 2 more weeks at the very latest. I know two more weeks is still a lot but nothing compared to how far you've already come!
    -Alissa, mom to Tristan (5) and Reid (the baby!)

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