Does anyone know the rules of..

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Does anyone know the rules of..

Highlighting or dying hair while pregnant? Everything I read says something different from don't do it at all to it's ok t no dying of hair but highlighting is ok because the chemicals don't touch the scalp. I of course forgot to ask the doctor about it at our appt on Tuesday. I know I can wait until I see the doctor again in January since I don't think i'll be able to get it done beforehand, but just thought i'd ask you ladies what you think or know. I'm dying to get my hair cut and highlighted sometime soon.

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!!! My hair is so horrible! I needed to get it done in September, soooo... that was a long time ago! Now my "roots" are halfway down my hair! LOL I get my hair highlighed with two different colored blondes - but the highlights are mainly bleach. Like you, I've heard many different things, but the one that seems to be the norm is: As long as you can handle the chemical smell (and are in atleast the 2nd trimester) it's okay to get it done.

I also forgot to ask my doc when I was there, so if you find out something official, let me know!

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Just an FYI, I work at a hair salon (part time salon coordinator = glorified receptionist). I have been doing this for about 20 years and believe me, the stylists always color their hair while pregnant as well as 99% of the clientelle.

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yeah highlighting is no problem. my roots are half way down my head because i've been too lazy to go. i will be going after christmas to get it done.

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Hahaha, in the Girlfiend's Guide to Pregnancy (have you ladies read that book? It's a hoot.) the author talks about weighing the risks of dying her hair vs the risks of the child being brought up without a father because he ran away from her rooty self. LOL

That's the only input I have since I don't dye my hair anyway. Carry on without me. LOL

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My stylist said highlighting was fine because the color doesn't touch the roots. Of course she said this while I was there and only had time for a cut so my roots are growing out too.