Dogs and babies

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Dogs and babies

So I mentioned in another post that Henry never acknowledgede our dog. Until today. This morning the dog was laying down next to his playmat and he was staring at her and giggling. And then this evening I put him in his swing and the dog jumped in my lap and he giggled again. I think he likes her now.

And our dog has accepted Henry as part of the pack too. We know this because she paces back and forth between him and us when we are apart (like when he is sleeping) trying to herd us all together. Cute, but annoying at the same time.

We keep telling them both that when Henry is big enough, they are both moving to his room. We have been trying to get the dog out of our room for years, so maybe when we sleep train Henry, the dog will move too. Haha.

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Awww, so cute when they like each other. Reid stares at our dog, and our dog always licks his toes. It's cute. Our dog sleeps in bed with us for the most part (she's OBSESSED with DH, follows him around from room to room) but sometimes she will go a lay with T for a while, which T thinks is the very best thing ever.

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Aww so cute.
Kylie loves watching my moms Boxer. The dog just loves her to pieces too. Kylie is in the middle of the back seat in our truck. So when we get to my moms house if the kids aren't in the back and it's just Kylie, the dog will jump into the back seat to see her in her car seat.

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One of my dogs will lick her. She will look at them for a second but for the most part..they all ignore one another.

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Alissa its great that T loves your dog. Our dog is older, but I hope she is around when Henry is older so they become friends and yes so they can sleep in the same room. It drives me nuts that my dog is in our bed. I've been nursing side laying in the wee hours and when I pull Henry into the bed to nurse him, the dog thinks its time for a group hug or something. Drives me nuts. Also we have had issues DTD with the dog always on the bed. We have to lock her out of there and sometimes we'd forget and she would jump on the bed whilst.... Makes for an awkward moment. Not really sexy. So there is some dysfunction there.

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My dog behaves the same way ... she gets very agitated when we leave Emma sleeping in a different room and she runs to get me anytime she hears her fussing.