Donations in Memory of Baby Cecilia (& all Sweet Pea 'angels')

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Donations in Memory of Baby Cecilia (& all Sweet Pea 'angels')

I know everyone is still reeling from the loss of sweet baby Cecilia (Mari626's little one born at 22 weeks.) Far too many parents have suffered from a baby born too soon.

After discussing with Marisol, she would like to have donations made to the March of Dimes in support of their efforts to fund more research and benefit other moms and babies. No parent should have to know the pain of losing a child at any stage or age. Sad

In the past, we have set up virtual bands... but I received an email last night highlighting a current campaign that can maximize our donations. You can now make a tax-deductible donation to the March of Dimes in ANY amount and have 100% matched by their Board of Trustees! EVERY dollar donated now through December 31st is doubled!

I have set up a special email account for Mari that I will pass along the login information for her to access whenever she is ready. You may use it to enter for donations to the March of Dimes. She will then receive a notification. You can also use this email address if you would like to send a separate e-card or note of encouragement.

To Donate:

  • Enter your information requested
  • Select the amount you would like to donate (You can enter ANY amount in "other") -- ALL amounts will be doubled through December 31st.)
  • Enter your credit card information

Within the optional area -- if you would like Mari to be notified, complete the following:

  • Select "This Contribution is 'In memory of..."
  • Under "Honoree Name" enter: Baby Cecilia F. (& all April '13 Sweet Pea 'angels')
  • Recipient Name: Marisol
  • Email address: [][/EMAIL]

Don't forget to save your receipt for tax purposes in case you need it. If you prefer, you can Google March of Dimes and access this campaign through their homepage.

We hope to have a blinkie ready for you later today for those that wish to add something to their signature.


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Thank you for setting this up, Missy.