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I bought a doppler today.. even though I've been putting it off, when I bought it online I paid extra to one day it here. :rolleyes:

I got the 2mhz probe with it because they say that's better for ...bigger girls like Smile

I hope it works!

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Good luck, I hope it works for you too!

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Yay, I hope you like it! So you'll have it tomorrow, how exciting is that! My advice is to lay as flat as possible, put the probe in the very middle of your abdomen, but very low (like right at or slightly above your hair line), crank up the volume, and take a minute to let your ears adjust. To me, it all sounds like static at first, but after my ears adjust for a minute I can start to hear differences in the static. Swishy noises are probably the placenta. A fast boom, boom, boom, boom should be the heartbeat. Hope that helps! Let us know when you hear something!

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exciting! I bought one for my last pgcy and still have it. Don't be surprised if you can not find the hb for another couple weeks. You may or may not hear it this early. It will also pick up your hb as well so know that if its a low hb it's probably your own. Smile good luck!

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Awesome! Have you tried it out yet? I was thinking of buying one, but I think I will just borrow my friend's doppler and give her some money. Another mutual friend of ours is pregnant and further along than me and is using hers. So it's become a community doppler. Haha.