Down in the dumps today...

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Down in the dumps today...

I really hope this incredible mood switching power I have goes away after pregnancy. I started worrying (about everything and anything, not just baby) last night. This morning at work, I was mainly okay. I had some running around to do - got it all done and I was SUPER proud of myself because I felt like a grown up! LOL Got home and BAM, crap mood all over again.


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Hugs to you!
Maybe doing all the running around that you had to do kept your mind off other things?
I hope it gets better for you....almost there! I know that doesn't make it any easier or better, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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I hear you with the up and down ness. It never ends here either. I am so tired and then the stress doesn't help so we just need to remember it works itself out and just relax to take care of ourselves and the bubs that are cooking

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I really hope things get better for you Jessica. I know what you mean with the whole mood switching power. My mood is constantly changing several times throughout the day. Your almost there and I bet you are super excited!!! Smile I will keep you in my prayers. Smile

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I hope that you have a better day tomorrow! ((Hugs))

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I hear ya girl. Hope some happier days are ahead.

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Just wanna offer you tons of hugs, ladybug.. I'm seconds away if you ever need anything! :comfort:

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Home STRETCH home STRETCH home STRETCH! You are ALMOST full term girlie, you can do it!!

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I'm sorry girl, it's been a rough ride for you. In just a few months, you'll have your baby and your hormones should be settling down and you can get back to normal!!