Dreams while pregnant

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Dreams while pregnant

So i have been having some strange dreams here lately. Last nights dream i was at the doctor who revealed that the blood work i had done indicated i was having a boy.. Do pregnancy dreams mean anything??

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I don't think they really predict anything, I think they more reflect our subconscious thoughts. With my dd, I thought she would be a boy until we had the ultra sound. I had a few dreams about having a baby boy early on in the pregnancy, but it turned out she was a girl, which I was secretly hoping for.

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Ugg I've been having/remembering so many crazy dreams of mine. Some nights my sleep is really affected by it. I haven't had any baby dreams really yet, just weird ones!

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I think I had my first real pregnancy dream last night, as a matter of fact! I dreamed that I had just had the baby, and for some reason they had taken it away. While I was waiting for the baby to come back, I decided to go ahead and get started on pumping bm (since it had magically come in already!) and was pumping and getting a ton. I was really psyched about that! LOL

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Good dream Alissa!
I just had a pregnancy dream last night - I was on a plane and they were giving ultrasounds on the plane! They weren't free; in fact I'm quite sure they were way more expensive. My friend was getting one and it was all in color and stuff. My other friend who was pregnant (neither of which are actually pregnant IRL) didn't want to get one on the plane but I was like, "How can you turn down an u/s on an airplane?!" It would be my first one and I was SO excited. Also, it was this huge plane where you could walk around and stuff.

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It must be all the talk about dreams, because I also had my first pregnancy dream last night. In my dream I had gone to an appointment the day before my gender scan on accident. DH wasn't there, but they told me since I was already there, it was now or never to do the u/s....so I did the u/s without him there. It was a boy! I got home all excited and told DH and said the baby had his eyebrows...LOL...like you can even see eyebrows on an u/s. I was thinking he would be happy that it was a boy, but he got upset because he wasn't there. And I woke up feeling kind of sad for DH. Haha.