Drool much??

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Drool much??

So here is my teething crazy girl... The drool is non stop and usually her hands are jammed in there lol

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lol little miss sadie is the same way most of the time lol.

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Here too!! I swear we change her onesie about 10 times a day!

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Hahaha. Love this photo, too funny. That is a lot of drool. Henry is drooling, but not quite enough to soak a shirt yet. But he is still spitting up tons, which will soak a onesie. Can't wait for the spitty stage to be over.

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Yep, Reid is drooling and chewing on anything he can get his hands on (like a puppy!) AND still spitting up a ton, so he's constantly soaked. I keep bibs on him which helps a little bit.

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Oh yeah right there with you. Anything she can get her hands on goes right to her mouth...hands included. I have just started in the last few days keeping a bib on her for the most part. Kylie drools buckets!

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I'm glad I'm not the only one with a spit up monster! It's been getting better these last few weeks, but she sure does cause a lot of laundry!

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Blech J pukes so much over here. Do any of you have a teething necklace? You can get them at inspiredbyfinn.com. I find they help with drooling!

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