Due Date!

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Due Date!

Whelp 40 weeks has arrived, Henry is due today! I can't believe it. Haha, I know I say that every week. But I'm starting to think I might be pregnant forever. I never understood that when people said it, but sure enough its a real feeling.

I've had nothing major in the way of contractions, mucous plug, or anything of the sort. So I think he's just comfy and hanging out until the last minute. I'm not really uncomfortable physically, but I would like to meet him and snuggle him! I have my 40 week appointment tomorrow. I'm going to get that doctor's note so I can take off work at 41 weeks if that becomes necessary. I will also ask them to strip my membranes at 41 weeks if I'm not progressing.

I think at 41 weeks, I might start freaking out. I really don't want to be induced. I hear those contractions are a b*($^.

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Elizabeth, I was induced and it hurt like a *****. But then I had back labor, too. BUT, I have a whole bunch of friends (well, they're work people) that were induced and it didn't bother them. So, I think it really just depends on your body..your baby..etc.

Happy due date!!

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hoping he decides to come out and meet ya soon momma! My sil was induced with all of hers.. she said it wasn't too bad. but HERE's hoping ya don't have to find out Wink maybe we can BOTH go into labor 2day Smile

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Happy Due Date! Smile

It's so true that things can change overnight so try not to get too anxious about feeling your body is making no progress. But I hope he decides to hurry up and come really soon. I can only imagine how hard those last days are once you've reached 40 wks.

I've never actually been induced so my opinion is not based on personal experience but it seems to me the induction experience has a lot to do with how close your body is getting to "ready" and your body's response to the induction, which kind of go hand in hand. I think the longer you wait the better and if it comes to a point where you need to be induced you've at least given yourself the best chance possible of a good experience with more time having passed.

I'm sure time feels like it is coming quickly to a halt but either way it won't be long now. Biggrin

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Happy Due Date! :woohoo:

Can you ask aboyut sweeping tomorrow since you're officially going to be "overdue"? Lynn is correct, though.. if your body is showing no signs of being ready for labor, it's pointless to do anything b/c you won't really react. The body is so stinking complex! :annoyed: Lol

I can't remember - have you been checked recently? Any dilation? Effacement?

Truth be told, it won't be too long now. Wink

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I'm going to the midwife tomorrow morning. I will get checked then. While I want him to be here, I also want this to go down as naturally as possible. I'm taking EPO now and they already advised me to wait til 41 weeks for membrane sweeping. My midwife believes that most first time moms just bake until 41 weeks naturally. So at that point I will try the membrane sweeping and possibly other natural induction methods like castor oil or cohosh or whatever its called. Really don't want to go that route. Still sounds better than pitocin...as I don't want an IV at all. Did I tell you all about my medical anxieties? lol I am prepared to wait until May 10th if they let me to avoid having an IV stuck into me.

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Good luck with the appointment tomorrow. I think your midwife is correct that most FTMs bake longer although I only have anecdotal evidence on that. Sending labor vibes to you and hoping you will go into labor within the next week so you don't have to get too stressed about the possibility of induction. I hate IVs too-I made it through delivery this time without one, but did get one afterward for fluids and it left an ugly bruise on my arm that still hasn't completely faded and its coming up on 3 weeks now.

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Come on, baby Henry Smile Hoping you have him before I have Lucas!!