Dumb stuff people say...

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Dumb stuff people say...

Sooo, I had my baby shower on Saturday. Two people from work weren't able to make it, so they gave me a present at work today. So, I had two bags of gifts (the bags said baby on them) by my desk all day. I had:

5 people ask me who was having a baby
3 people ask me did I know the sex yet (nevermind that the bags were pink)
1 person ask me how come she's always the last know
4 people ask me did I know who the daddy was...

WHAT? Okay, granted - with my hoodie on, it really just looks like I'm getting fatter BUT I have FOUR ultrasound pictures on my desk as well, these people haven't noticed them in almost 32 weeks?? And who's the daddy? WTF? Do I look like I belong on Maury? Seriously? Who's having a baby? Really??? This comes just a few hours after two people in my store told me that I'm getting bigger and it's definitely noticeable that I'm pregnant. But who's having a baby? :confused: Then, as I'm walking out of the store with the gifts, 3 people stopped me and asked me were they gifts? .....No, I just like cramming bags full of tissue paper and lugging them around.

And can I just say - that I'm sorta kind male-hating right now? I know DH tries to be sympathetic to me. (Yesterday, I couldn't bend down AT ALL, he had to come grab something for me off the floor and I felt so ....helpless). But my hoo-hah hurts SO bad sometimes... and walking & putting on pants makes it worse. And my belly gets in the way a lot. And my feet hurt. And and and and and.... and if one more man says they "understand" I'm going to jam a basketball in their wee-wee so they can really understand!

Err... yeah, hormones. Wink

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Oh man, I would have been so irritated too! How can people be so stupid? I seriously can't believe men are telling you they understand!??!?

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I'm sorry lady. Some people just don't think before they open their mouths and say something stupid. Thats when my lovely Chicago attitude comes out and I just say stuff back. Hubby shakes his head all the time and goes...what can ya do when I'm like that. LOL
I do hope your day gets better though and that you had a great shower this weekend.

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Totally hear this thread loud and clear. I teach a lower level class and announced to them all back in like oct that I was having a baby. Last week a girl in the class asked if I was having a baby. She was dead serious and I just didnt know how to respond lol

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I have never been more irritated w/ people and their stupid comments as I am w/ this baby... not sure why that is, but they just drive me crazy!!!! I hate how all of a sudden everyone and their freaking brother is an expert at what a pg belly SHOULD look like and how mine doesn't look that way for whatever reason it may be.. I haven't gained enough, wow you have forever left to go, oh that's not long at all, and the all time famous "are you sure it's not twins" GRRRRR really people REALLY?!

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Yeah people get all awkward when it comes to pregnancy. They just can't keep their mouths shut and what comes out of their mouths can be very surprising. Sorry you are dealing with all that. I actually haven't had many questions about the pregnancy lately. I have had a few questions about what I will do when the baby is here. They are mostly about what hospital and what OB I am using and I'm getting the negative responses when I answer I'm using a midwife and planning an unmedicated birth. DH's friend basically told me there is no way I will be able to get through it, because he saw his wife and labor and its very painful. Whatever...more reason to do it, to prove him wrong!!! It sucks that its DH's friend saying that, because DH takes it to heart and I don't feel like I have DH's full support. He says he does, but I'm not convinced yet. Surprisingly my dad thinks I'm going to rock my birth. And my friends totally support me. We just started our NCB classes so I'm hoping DH gets convinced soon.

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Yeah people say dumb stuff for sure. I even had one dumb question after DD was born-someone asked if she was a boy or girl. Not necessarily obvious, but this was at church and she was wearing a super frilly pink dress, lol!

Elizabeth, I had a friend who told me something similar about birth being very painful when I was expecting DD1. I told everyone I was trying to make it through without pain meds because I didn't want to say "no way in heck am I using pain meds" even though I felt that way because it was my first time going through birth and I didn't want to set myself up for "I told you so's" if I was super adamant before hand, then wasn't able to do it. My friend is actually an OB and while he didn't say I couldn't do it, he said something along the lines of usually women who said they were trying not to use meds ended up having it, you had to be 100% sure you didn't want it or you would end up getting it just because the pain is so intense. Yeah, well, I DID do it without pain meds and furthermore, for me it wasn't even all that painful which I didn't think it would be based on watching how my mom was in labor and birth with my youngest sister. Hopefully you will find that to be the case as well, but even if you find it "painful" you can still totally do it, many women have managed to do so and so can you!

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Do you know who the baby's daddy is.. seriously?? :huh: Woooooowwww.....

Hang in there, girl.. you're coming down the home stretch! Biggrin