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    Yeah, I talked to DH and he said we should either go the entire weekend or not at all - so not at all it is! I just have to break it to my mom...
    The mattress is theirs; I actually used it in high school so it's sort of old. I might just try to find one locally. I'm supposed to pick up one this week - how do you check for bedbugs? If I keep it in the garage for awhile, would it just kill them if they were in there?

    Elizabeth that sounds really weird about coloring eggs. At least this is the last year you'll have to do it alone! Maybe w/ a kid around next year you can just pawn it off on helping him dye them!!
    My mom still treats me as a kid sometimes; she used to still make little goody bags for Tim and I for holidays but fortunately has stopped... she still gives me all kinds of sweets like I'm some kid that loves it and can eat it w/o gaining weight lol!

    ETA: Just thinking about it again - I mean, for real, I'll be right at full term then and huge and even thinking about traveling right now sounds yucky so yeah... I just can't do it! She needs to understand and besides, we never get to have holidays at our house, it always has to be theirs (well, the big ones at least - Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter). I am totally fine w/ them coming here... we will see!

    ETA #2: Oh crap I just remembered it's her birthday like the day after Easter... I hate life sometimes...
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