Eating Mexican... AGAIN
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Thread: Eating Mexican... AGAIN

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    Default Eating Mexican... AGAIN

    So, I'm sitting at work thinking about what I want to do for lunch. Chimichangas hits - immediately. That's all I have EVER gotten from a Mexican restaurant. But lately I've been getting them at least once a week! What in the world?? I sit at my desk and like...salivate thinking of them. And it's not even really "them" it's the beans mixed with the lettuce and sour cream and cheese sauce. That's just...yummy-ness.

    And of course, I cave and go get it. Eat it at home. 10 minutes later - I'm moaning whyyyy did I eat thatttt?? EVERYTHING makes my stomach hurt when I eat. I mean, I eat a small salad - and I'm sick a few minutes later. Fruit - sick. Veggie sticks - sick. So I guess I should atleast enjoy what I eat, right? RIGHT?
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    Totally enjoy while it goes down since everything makes you feel sick anyways
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    I ate Mexican last night and had a total food coma. We came home and passed out at 9:30. I almost felt sick I ate so much. I had a flash back to my morning sickness days.

    Jessica that flashback made me realize how much you've been through. I can't believe you still have MS. You eat whatever you want girl!
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    I agree, if everything makes you sick, then eat whatever tastes good to you. You deserve it after being sick for 8 months!

    Yum, Mexican does sound good. It's hard for me to eat a lot of kind of "traditional" Mexican restaurant stuff that I love like enchiladas and burritos with rice and beans because of the carbs, but there is Mexican place by my ILs that serves a dish that is chunks of steak with enchilada sauce, and then a salad and rice on the side. *Drool* I want it now!!!
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    Mexican does sound good! No option to get any here unless I make it myself.

    I agree with Alissa--eat what you want!

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    Mmm Mexican. I'm not a huge fan of Taco Bell but I love me some good Mexican restaurant food!
    Jessica, I can't imagine still puking all of the time. I say eat what you want too!
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