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I know someone already posted on being grumpy, but.. I just wanted to say that I have cried ALL day today. Why? Because of something completely stupid. I constantly think about bad things - and most of them aren't even baby related. They're mostly DH related. I'll have dreams of him cheating and/or leaving me and then I focus on them all day and all the what if's go through my mind for HOURS. Then he had accepted a friend request from a girl he knows at his school. A FRIEND request and on top of my dreams? Yeah. I'm pretty emotional. I know deep down, I'm being irrational and hoping that it goes away. But that doesn't *really* help. Plus - I'm being a total butthead. To DH, to people at work...to everyone. I don't like being like this.

Is anyone else super cry-tastic lately? *sigh*

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((((HUGS))))) I'm more b!tchtastic than crytastic, but I hope that you feel much better soon. Hormones, possibly feeling insecure about your looks (I look like a whale today), feeling nervous about the future, all of that can combine to make you feel pretty emotional. Hope you feel better soon!

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Ugh! I hate days like that. Thankfully I haven't had very many crytastic days, now I am being a super grump! It's driving DH crazy. I am sure my coworkers will just start ignoring me soon. Smile

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Jessica, I swear it must be pregnancy that causes these cheating dreams. DH is an open cheater in a lot of my dreams....LOL. Maybe its because we aren't really DTD these days. I just don't feel like it.

Sorry you are emotional and I hope you watch something funny tonight that makes you giggle! I haven't cried in awhile, but my mood has been less than chipper.

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I'm just very irritable vs. upset, but don't be so hard on yourself. This is a tough time, especially with you never feeling well. You have a ton of hormones running wild and are surely exhausted from always feeling like crap, which will mess with your emotions.