Emotional Mess...OT

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Emotional Mess...OT

Sooo, yesterday I noticed one of the fish in the fish tank wasn't acting right. I tapped on the glass (I know I'm not supposed to do that, but it was just a knee-jerk reaction) and he moved, so I didn't really freak out. Today I come in and he's flipped upside down. He's definitely dying and he's one of my favorite. I thought he was dead, but when I went to get him with the net, he flipped back over and swam away. So DH calls on his way home from work and I told him Husky was dying. (No, I don't have names for all the fish, but like I said...he's one of my favorites). He calls our "on call" aquarium guide person who tells him once a fish starts flipping over, it's pretty much over, but gives him some tips to *try* to help the fish. I did them all, waiting for DH to get home. He walks in the door and I start BAWLING. I mean..just..crying my eyes out like I haven't cried in a LONG TIME. We have the fish in a separate bowl now..and I think it's just a matter of time. He keeps flipping over upside down, then he'll flip back and swim around...then go upside down again. It's very sad. Sad I told my dog it's a good thing I know how to take care of a dog better than a fish. Sheesh. I'm hoping he makes some sort of miraculous recovery. I KNOW it's stupid to get this worked over a fish... and he's a cheap, common fish too, but.. I dunno, he's just been one of my fav's. So, DH just holds me until I kind of quiet down.
Anyway, DH blew the tire in my car last night on the way home. (it's always something). We have an extra tire because we just got new front tires..and we kept one of the old ones that didn't have anything wrong with it. So, DH had me drive the car today (with the spare on it) and take it to the car place to get the old tire mounted on the rim. They said they couldn't do it until tomorrow. DH got PISSED when I told him that. He said that it would have taken them like five minutes because they have some machine. SO anyway, I get done crying over the fish and he goes outside and tells me to come too...and he dismounts and remounts my tire and puts it on the car. ...to which I started crying all over again....because he had to do everything by hand. I know he thinks I'm crazy now.
But.. I'm glad that he was here.

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I'm so sorry you're struggling with all the emotions right now... Sad It's PERFECTLY normal.. And, to be honest, you're not alone! I bawled when DD's fish died.. The first and the second one.. ( :oops: )

It's ok to let DH do some stuff manually.. he knows what he's doing.

You're soooo close, girly.. the stress and emotions all over the place stuff will be resolved VERY soon! Smile


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Aww sorry about your fish. I would cry too. Even if I weren't pregnant. It's hard to not get worked up over little things lately. If DH even gives me a sigh, I sometimes tear up. Pregnancy hormones, they are real girl.

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:bighug: I hope today is better.

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Awww!!! Your poor little fishy! I'm sorry he's not doing so well and I don't blame you one bit for being so upset about it!

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I'd be in the same place as you! Everything just tears me apart!! Almost done, Jessica! Happy 39 weeks, Julie Smile

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I'm sorry girl that your having to deal with your emotions being everywhere. Sad
I'd be crying over my fishies too if I had any. In fact , if it makes you feel any better, about a year ago before I was pregnant, one of my froggies died. And I spent hours bawling and crying my eyes out. And every time I look at my other froggies, I still tear up.
I hope you start to feeling better girl Smile Just think , not much longer at all and you will be holding your baby girl in your arms. Keep thinking happy thoughts Smile I will be praying for you Smile