Emotional much?

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Emotional much?

So, my m/s has been backing down because I'm on meds. Tonight, for some reason, I feel like crap. Whenever I feel like I'm about to puke, I cry. I dunno why, been doing it for years. When I throw up consistently, I don't cry except the very first time. So anyway, I started to cry...gagged and dry heaved (I haven't eaten anything to throw up today). Aaaaand, I lost it. DH was sitting on the couch. I see him for about 30 minutes a night when he has school OR less. He doesn't have school 4 nights a week. One, he cuts grass, two he works late and the last he's usually tinkering with his car. So, point here is, we don't spend a lot of time together. I was FINE before I started gagging and he was watching the Green Mile...and I just busted into tears.. So he held me and said all the right things, then I felt stupid for crying. I have a good husband, but are anyone else's emotions way out of whack? This is our first pregnancy (well, making it this long) and I'm really trying to not make it traumatizing for him because I'm emotional ANYWAY, but this is like 100 times worse.

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I get randomly emotional sometimes too. DH knows that there doesn't have to be a reason for it but lately we've been going through some stuff so it's been even harder. It happens, but it's just part of changing hormones.

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I almost burst into tears at Back to School night last night. T goes to Pre-K at a local synagogue, and the rabbi got up and spoke for a few minutes, and told a Jewish...er...I guess a parable? Anyway, the story was that two guys were arguing about whether people grow from the top down or the bottom up. They went to the rabbi to settle the dispute, and he said "You're both wrong, they grow from the inside out" and then talked about how they try to teach the kids to be kind, responsible, generous, et cetera. Anyway, I found the whole "inside out" line so touching that I very nearly burst into tears. I'm getting a little misty about it now. We don't even belong to that synagogue so I soooo did not want to be the stranger sobbing in the back row. LOL I kept it together....barely. Yay hormones!

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I think mostly I've been so busy that I haven't had time to let my emotions out. But the other night (first night I did not work killer overtime in ages) I was updating my pregnancy journal and I turned to the back page and saw a spot for babys first footprints and just started balling. Haha.

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I almost cried yesterday at the maternity store when they gave me a free pacifier!!!

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I cry at the drop of a hat... which is SOOOO not like me! The other night I read some stupid made up story on FB and I started bawling my eyes out, another time I heard the song "what a wonderful world" and instant water works. Its pretty pathetic. LOL Hang in there girl! Hope you dont have any more queasy gagging episodes!

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I get teary eyed for certain songs. Okay, most songs. Every song seems to hit a certain emotion for me and I cry thinking of DH, or cry thinking of me, or cry thinking of my dog. LOL.

And thanks for saying you wish no morning gaggy-ness for me, but.. I'm not quite there yet.. Smile

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I had to fight back tears at a management meeting today. We do reflections at the start of our meetings. The administrator gave a sentamental one and I nearly lost it. Noone knows that I am preggo at work--now they must think I am just a freak! lol Dang hormones!